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Domestic and international transport since 1990.

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Domestic company

Transport services

General cargo and temperature-controlled transports in Finland and abroad

In addition to domestic transport, we operate from Finland to Scandinavia and Western Europe. Our transport service is based on direct truck transports, where our experienced drivers manage the transports from start to finish, knowing the fastest and safest routes and the customs and regulations of different countries.

Container transports

We transport 20′, 40′ and 45′ sea containers from the ports of Northern Finland to Finland and Sweden.

Contract transports

We serve contract customers in the food industry mainly in transport between Oulu and Helsinki region.

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More than 30 years on the world's roads

Mikko Niskala founded the company under the business name in 1990. At the beginning, there was one delivery truck in use in the Oulu area. The company form was changed to a limited company as the number of trucks increased and foreign traffic permits were obtained in 1993. Back then, we drove with one truck e.g. To Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and with another truck we started driving to Spain.  Russian traffic was stopped in 1997 and focused on Western European traffic as operations grew again.

For the first couple of decades, the main focus of transport was on foreign transports, until the domestic Food Transports also joined in 2007. We have been involved in HCT transports since 2013, i.e. from the very first meters, when we got a trial permit for a 34.5m long giant truck. This pilot project, carried out in cooperation with Trafi, Kesko, VAK and Volvo, contributed to the change in the mass and dimensions of heavy traffic.

Today, the transport company is managed by the second generation, and the journey continues.

See the company’s story in video format (filmed in 2019).

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Quality and scheduled transportations

The good quality of our operations is evidenced by our long customer relationships and the continuous development of our business, despite the challenges of the industry.

Domestic company

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We are easily and quickly reachable, we receive praise for good and personal service.

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